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In this Page TFI Experts Share their information for the mechanical operations which are having Steel Blades and Machine Knives Involved

The list are as Follow

  1. Shearing Operation
  2. Bending Operation
  3. Punching Operation
  4. Slitting Operation

Please choose from the list below:

Shearing process Defenition

Shearing process is the operation which two hardened cutters are engaged in the cutting process with a conditional well defined cutting clearance between two cutters.

The pathway of Cutter movements in the Shearing process are linear and in opposite direction.

The most simple example of shearing process are being seen usually in a day by day life in office/home scissors.

Shearing Process are being vastly being consumed in Industries in Factories.

The machines with the help of hydraulic power and hardened steel blades guillotine knives are the main player of scissors role in industries. The Lower Industrial Steel Blade guillotine Knife is at most cases stationary and the upper usually two cutting edge industrial Steel blade guillotine knife is Movable. 


Machine manufacturers are much concerned about the safety of operators therefore they put high amount of effort to assure the health of man Power in long run while using their machines.

In our cooperation with machine manufacturer TFI Always insist on the Commitment to safety regulations of the machines and Steel Blades hand over to customer


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Shear Blade Installation is the first critical step of using blade toward having a healthy durable blade on the machine while operating in the best situation it can ever last.

Installation of blades needs to be done under supervision of Expertise or Well trained Engineers to have the perfect cut after long hours of installation spent.

TFICo. Will train technical foremen and deputies of Workshops, how to install the shearing blades and will award them with the Certification of Shearing machine Industrial Blade Installation training. Certified Engineers Can Always Approach our Expertise with more than 55 years of Experience in Steel blades and machine Knives Designing, manufacturing, Hardening, Installing and Sales after service fields. 



Bending and forming Process of Metal Sheets into different shapes or models of curves are one of the most basic requirements of human beings to create their own design workpieces. To Prepare the proper components of any machine shop structure hydraulic Press brake machine are the great help to satisfy this need.

Press brake Tools

Press brake machines have two major bending tools in their upper jaw and lower jaw. The Bending Punch and Bending matrix. 

These two components are made out of hardened alloy steel to be able to create the proper bends in the metal sheets under hydraulic force of the machine. 


The alignment of the upper tool press brake punch and Lower tool Bending Die Block is crucial to obtain the best bend without any marks on the sheets and not having the angles of the bend opened after removing the work piece out from the machine

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Punching process

Creating Empty Portions in Metal Sheets in different shapes and forms of the edge by Steel made tools is being Called "Punching"

There are two type of tools involved in the process:

  1. Holes Punches (in circular Square rectangle and oval shapes usually)
  2. Hole Die (matrix blocks in Circular Square Rectangle and Oval Shapes usually)

Punches are the upper  movable tool and Matrixes are the Lower stationary tools. 

In old Fashion ironworking machine the speed of punching was slow in comparison with Modern CNC Punching machines

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The Clearance of the Punch and Die (upper tool with Lower tool) and the Alignment of the setup is crucial. Due to the failure of the proper accurate setup there is high probability of the breakage of both upper and lower tools and high chance of damaging the machine parts which cause the machine owners major repairing cost even replacing costs.

The Sheets needs to be always held in a very firm and stable empty from any sort of vibration while the workpiece are under process of punching.

For troubleshooting of the installation process and to obtain the best desired workpiece the material as well as hardness and grinding of the Tools play the major roles. 


Shearing in Rotational Motion Is Slitting

Two Steel Blades Machine knives While are having their rotations around their axis and they will be positioned in a setup while one would be higher than other and having a minimal involvement of their sharp edges.

While two Circular Cutter slitter Blades are Engaged in their Positions the metal sheet or better say work piece will be fed inside the rollers to have the Two Cutter Cutting them into strips of metals

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The purity of rotations from any sort of vibrations and shakes in the shafts rollers and the blades fixture is the fist crucial step toward having the best blades and knives installation. Checking continuously the Circular Blades Cutters By a Dial Indicator would be a great help in the installation process of Slitting Blades.


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