Right Material, Proper Hardness, Perfect Grinding and sharpening, Precise Measurements led TFI Co. Production the Efficiently effective.

Steel Grades and different applications of steel blades are two crucial subjects in production lines. The Knowledge of Using the Right Material for the Right Application is the missing puzzle.TFI Co. Provides Market with the best solution for the best productivity of the customer industrial sites


Also working process of a blade like hardening, induction and grinding, are major factors in the quality of the blade.

  • MetalWorking
  • Shear Blades MetalWorking
  • Gooseneck Punch
  • Printing Press Blades
  • Polar Blades
  • Packaging Industry
  • Slitter Blades
  • Transformer Industry
  • T.C. In-lade Blade
  • Wood Industry Chipper Knife
  • MetalWorking Prof.
  • Bending Tools
  • Food Industry
  • Comb Blade

The cuts, designs or even each and every angles in blades mixed with the grinding method, the preciseness of the grinding tools leave unique mark on the TFI Co. Machine Knives.

Suitable Tolerance, Accurate dimensions and Sharpness of angles, all are signs of the Perfection, reflected in the TFI Co. manufacturing process and boosted the performance of our technical team.
Our Final Products are made of special steel which are supplied by the most accredited producers.

We are proud of our ability that makes us to offer our market the best quality of knives.
Experience and highly skilled personnel, advance machinery and tools enable us to expand our productivity to all kinds of knives, specially Tungsten Carbide products.

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Circular Blades

Orbital (disc) knives are special knives used as tools for cutting metal and other materials. They differ from regular knives in that their working surface is rotated relative to the axis of rotation.

Granulator Knives

Crusher Knives 

Guillotine Knives

Sheet metal shears are tools used for cutting and dividing sheet metal. They can be made from various materials, such as steel, and have sharp blades that allow for precise metal cutting.

Paper Cutting Blades

Paper guillotine knives are special tools used for cutting paper and other thin-textured materials. They typically have a sharp edge that can be made from various materials such as steel, titanium, or ceramic. Paper guillotine knives are commonly used in printing, packaging, and other industries where precise cutting of paper and other materials is required.

Satellite Circular Knives

Circular knives are special knives used for cutting thin tissue sheets. They have a wide, flat wedge-shaped part called the disc and a thin sharp part called the blade. Circular knives are typically used for cutting paper, but some models can handle thicker materials. They can be manual or electric and are commonly used in CNC machines, as well as in hygiene, packaging, and other fields.

Zigzag Comb Blades

Zigzag knives are a type of knife that has teeth with serrated edges. They are often used for cutting soft materials such as plastic because their teeth are less sharp than those of smooth knives, and they are less prone to chipping.

Smooth knives are a type of knife with smooth, sharp teeth. They are commonly used on flow pack and tetrapack™ machines because they can overcome the resistance of such materials better than zigzag knives. Smooth knives are also characterized by higher cutting precision than zigzag knives.

Carton Slitter Knives

Bel TFI Sector (Slitter) Knives are special types of knives used in specialized machines for material cutting. They consist of a sector plate with teeth on the edge, which rotates around a central axis and is used for cutting materials in a circular motion. Sector knives are commonly used in the packaging industry and cardboard industry. They are known for their high precision cutting, high speed, and durability.

Hombak Wood Knives

“Woodworking Machine Knives are specialized types of knives used in machines for wood processing, such as crosscut saws, rip saws, milling machines, etc. They typically have sharp, smooth teeth and handles that are conveniently positioned in the hand, providing a secure grip. There are also various types of woodworking machine knives with different specialized teeth, such as for straight-line cutting, strip cutting, bevel cutting, etc.”

Pentagon Ceramic Knives

“Bel TFI Industrial Hexagonal Ceramic Blades are types of knives that are made from ceramic. They are characterized by a very high hardness, which makes them particularly suitable for cutting hard materials such as glass, ceramics, alloys, etc. Ceramic blades are also known for their durability, as they dull less frequently and are less prone to wear compared to metal blades. They are commonly used in industries as well as in various types of specialized machinery and equipment.”